Warm collaboration
These knitwear are the product of friendly and professional cooperation which are knitted with love while thinking about You. I, Ivika Viljasaar, offer you this experience and truly hope that you will enjoy your lacework, into which I have poured my heart into.

Shawls for every occasion
All the graceful laceshawls are so fine that they can be pulled through a ring. According to legend the first original haapsalu shawl fit inside the shell of a walnut.
It’s my wish that in one day there would be a haapsalu shawl for every woman to wear on her shoulders – a graceful, fine and elegant accessory.

Perfect dresses
Every woman should have in their wardrobe a dress that fits regardless of the occasion, time of the year or weather.
A dress that lives through all the fashion changes and can effortlessly travel from mother to daughter and back. A dress that in all of its fine lace is as graceful as yourself.
That is exactly what I have in mind when I offer you my work!

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