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Gift cards

If you want to gift something elegant and timeless to your loved ones, lika a Haapsalu shawl, but don’t know which pattern would be their favorite, then I have a solution for You. Gift cards are available for purchase.
A Haapsalu shawl with a value of 130€! With this you can let the gift receiver choose exactly which color or pattern their heart desires.
Validity of the card is 1 year from the date of purchse. With the gift card the receiver can order a classical Haapsalu shawl with the dimensions of 160-180 x 60cm (I advise to choose the size depending on the wearers height). If the receiver has a wish for a unique size or pattern, then please contact me and ask over the price!

Mabye you want to gift a training instead of  shawl. Ask away – there are both lacedress and Haapsalu shawl tranings available for prices of 45€ and 95€.

To order allready available products, write me: haapsall@gmail.com

When ordering to different countries, the cost of transport will be added to the price, depending on the country you order to.

From wedding dresses to graceful and fine accessories

When preordering, the time it takes varies depending on the product, but its magic lies is endless options. The product You choose will be made with love and care while having Your preferences in mind.

You have many options from wedding dresses and casual dresses to Haapsalu shawls to even smaller knitted accessories like wrist warmers, ring pads or handbags.

To order something, write me:  haapsall@gmail.com
or contact me on Facebook: Haapsalu sallid / Haapsalu shawls or Ivika Viljasaar