Grete's wedding dress

Grete and Ragnar married on September 16, 2017 at the Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum.

… At the beginning of January, a letter from Grete came to my mailbox, accompanied by drawings of the dress, patterns and ideas of her own – a perfect drawing, based on which I was envious that someone could express themselves so beautifully with a pencil. She knew very precisely what her dress would have to become. Our first eye-to-eye meeting took place in February, when Grete came to visit during a secret course in Tallinn. The second meeting was arranged for a wedding show at Sagadi Manor, where she could try one thero dress to get overview how her dress should hold.
During direct communication, it is always easier to convey ideas and work together to figure out what it would be. And now, looking at the pictures, it looks like everything just came out as it was supposed to. Grete’s gorgeous thick, black hair, matching with the white dress, makes her look like Snow-White, doesn’t it? It took between May 29 and July 12 to knit this dress, a 6 weeks. The width of the bottom of the dress was 3.6 meters.

Yarn is a natural white wool-cashmere-silk mixture (70-20-10%), which I used ~200 grams of it.
I worked with Jaanika Studio again on the basicdress, who provided impeccable quality and service – thank you Jaanika!

Happiness and love to you, young people!
Photos by Helena Veldre