Maris's wedding dress

A beautiful lacework will born from warm cooperation! Maris’s first letter to me was full of warmth and love for craft. Her boyfriend had proposed her with a Haapsalu shawl instead of a traditional engagement ring, therefore the woven dress was the only solution she could think for a bridal dress. And I am sincerely happy she chose me to fulfill this wish.
Our nearly two-month collaboration was full of warmth, brilliance and wonderful communication – thank you! The pattern selection was simple, Maris were not afraid of the triangular shapes, and so the bottom part of the dress was knitted with my beloved Aasa pattern. The pattern of the top of the dress was knitted with charterscript pattern.
I knitted the dress from a wool-silk-cashmere blended yarn, weighed a little under 200 grams, and has 3.6 meters below the bottom edge, beautifully flying and airbrushed. I am very happy that so warm and lovely people have came on my way!

Maris and Robert – be your road full of mutual understanding and love. Find a little sunshine in every day!
Photos: Sigrid Kuusk Photography