Triin's wedding dress

The intention of Triin and Priit is to be happy, to enjoy every moment of the day, and of course, each other! Every meeting we had with Triin last summer was genuinely warm and fairytale-like. The harmony that began in their backyard, which welcomed us for the first time in heavy rain, continued indoors… Warmth, authenticity, sincerity – for all of this, I can call Triin the fairy bride of ours (mine and Svea’s). …and how well photographer Cärol Liis Metsla has captured this love! It’s all genuine, and it shows! I can only thank the stars that our paths crossed again – thank you Triin for giving us the opportunity to weave for you! It was a pleasure even at half past two on a Tuesday night, when nearly 300 tiny pearls were scattered on my living room floor due to a broken thread, even though the dress was to be delivered by noon the next day… and the pearls were put in place along the edge on the same night… Yes, even then, it was pure joy! Wishing you a wonderful journey, my dears!

Dress knitted from wool-silk-cashmere blend yarn
Basic dress: Svea Mäesalu
Fotos by Carol Liis Metsla Photography